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Welcome,Here you will find the latest software updates and information on ACEMAX's Products, as they are released. ACEMAX's devices are under constant firmware development to improve their functions and stability.Please check back here often to find the latest firmware and software updates for your acemax devices.
Please be careful flashing your firmware. Flashing the wrong firmware to your device can be difficult to repair.
This firmware section is  only for ACEMAX's Products, and for ACEMAX'S Products owners only. If you have a device that looks like ACEMAX's,but did not purchase from ACEMAX, please be aware that these firmware updates maybe are not for you.and maybe bricked your devices, and we have got many emails asking us for help, and we can not make any assistance for their devices. There is no support for your device if you disable it.
ACEMAX's devices have proprietary hardware configuration and others silimars are not 100% compatible because their hardware is unsupported.
Please be aware of this before you try any of these firmware updates on your device.
We ACEMAX's Original Only.  and we keep on working on our products software.
Do not waste your money on cheap clone  boxes, ACEMAX boxes have the unique software and always software updating.Thinking about buying a knock-off? Think again! Clone boxes will not be running the same firmware as ACEMAX boxes. Our unique software is tied to the specific hardware in our devices and is not installable outside of our manufacturing process. What does this mean for clones? They’ll be left in the dust...
Flash at Your Own Risk!
1.   ACEMAX M8S+ (M8S Plus)  Software
  20161219  (by USB Burning tool connected with pc)
2. ACEMAX M8S Amlogic S812 Quad Core SW
          M8S  20160726 (Android 5.1)!BpV2iBrZ!Bk6tcx3yHyBKERhS2l8IGw
3. ACEMAX  KII Amlogic S812   20160429
 TF Card!04sVXJib!TgVPuZlDKgrPseXoxnOKh7xD-ZTj-bswaeOCNh7d67g
Burning tool usb img!Rg9HDLZQ!ReIkZskhnmnNdfo3Px6tOA
USB Pen Drive!csFHQQKJ!ju-9QcfARwE7GvgMxj32ZGn_cYYusLanSBoZXAaidfQ
4. ACEMAX KI PLUS Amlogic S905 SW
k1 plus 20160311  software!wx9GBTSZ!fzUHAEOURGWZPS47vFBZZkLVXQTgDOZtjQGZlBvvtoA    (By USB Burning tool connected with PC)!Z9cRjASD!lfwiUJcy3xoum2d2HSeIzZhRumzik6YcAB7h50gIIFA  (By USB Pendrive)
5.  ACEMAX KI S2 Quad Core SW  (20160126)!F41QARpS!ny_MdzdsGDm9y-KWQsEcXHzLEQ4axLYW79bVm3BYhLc
6. ACEMAX K1 PLUS DVB-S2 T2 Combo SW  20161123
7. ACEMAX KIII S905 2GB 16GB  (20161219 USB Burning)

MXQ PRO 4K S905   IMG    20161202 (Solve some box can not enter google account)
SD CARD (20161202)
9.  TX3 PRO  IMG    2016 1123
TX3 PRO IMG 20161123 with NANYA DDR (pls check the bottom with NY serial no )
TF Card (NY)
10.   TX5 PRO (20160805 img)!tsExmBAb!ntYAJjZqJ3b6wySVaQxrMAjwh1LLp0BKDj3zQItP5yg
11. ACEMAX KII PRO Hybrid TV Box DVB-S2 DVB-T2  S905 2G RAM 16G ROM  (201702)

12. ACEMAX KIII PRO S912 Octa Core Hybrid DVB-S2 T2 3G RAM 16G ROM


13. USB Burning Tool (Amlogic 2.0.7)!45snFbBT!c2XRwu8gLvC5LaitJP5lQe0IYsykM-chLJZ17muv4S4
14. Overseas Chinese APK!50VynZhJ!C2red7Zem36nytZ28R8k7Pzq0CJkA3hmCFxFQv6l2VA

15. ACEMAX U2+ Android 7.1  20170520 SW (IMG)
16. ACEMAX KM8 P  Android 7.1  20170411 SW (ZIP)